Endorsements for Ron's Work


What Schools are Saying

"In my opinion, I have never met a more dynamic, electrifying speaker whose wonderful quest in life is to save our youth from gangs and drugs by insisting and demanding of them to take stock in their lives and to recall their dreams. Our students and staff were at first stunned and electrified by Ron's verbiage, stories and antics to arouse their interest. He deftly provided many instances in his private life and wove a powerful message of inspiration."

Alex P. Sena, Director

Globe Charter School, Colorado Springs, Colorado


"If there's one thing that kids need today it's open, frank discussion about their future choices in life. Ron Glodoski is one speaker who can aid kids in assessing their choices. Most importantly, he gives kids...hope. Hope that they can change...because he did."

Nell Kaiser, B.S., M.S.E., N.B.C.C.

Elementary & Secondary School Counselor

Grief Specialist/Crisis Intervention Specialist


"Honest, passionate, warm, straightforward and powerful. These are the words that explain Ron Glodoski's presentation. Students are facing an everyday battle with drugs, crime and violence. Many of them believe that they are trapped in that life-style forever and the only way to convince them that things can change is to show them. Ron is one who can show students that it is possible to climb out of the trenches. When students see someone who has been at the bottom and made it to the top, they start to listen and believe in themselves."

Scott Kowalski, Teacher/Coach

EXPO Middle School


"Ron is one of the most effective speakers we have had...Ron's passionate and honest speaking style captivated our students. They were with him all the way on his journey and excited by the possibility of a new future for themselves. Ron Glodoski is a speaker we and our students will most definitely ask to return."

Helen Henly, Director

Menlo Park Alternative High School


Ron Glodoski's book, How To Be a Successful Criminal, is Eye-Opening, Powerful, and Hard-Hitting. It offers tremendous hope to those contemplating - or already living a life of crime. It could truly be a lifesaver!

Mary M. Zehrer, M.S.

Guidance Counselor, St. Paul, MN


"Ron's speaking style is easy for young people to understand. He speaks their language. His personal life experiences make his message even more compelling. Young people and teachers need to hear what this man has to say. His assemblies work for students of all creed and color and his message comes across loud and clear."

Hiram Haynes, Student Advisor,

Hill Middle School, Denver, CO


"Ron's eye-opening message left our students with hope and goals, from a life that had appeared hopeless and dismal to them. Witnessing the power Ron was able to pass on to our students, we invited him back to present an in-service to the staffs of our elementary, middle, and high schools. When Ron speaks, everyone listens. He is able to teach first-hand how to recognize children and teenagers who are making wrong choices and heading toward crime - the fence riders. He shares successful ways to help our students care about themselves again and turn their lives around. He tells what works! I urge you to invite Ron to speak with your staff as well as your student body."

Jo-Ann Wendt, Bloomer Middle School Counselor, WI


"What percent do you give? Ron Glodoski asked this question when he spoke to spoke this question to our fourth and fifth grade students. You could see the students deep in thought while looking inside to answer that question about themselves. Since that day we have seen a difference in our students' commitment to their school effort and personal lives."

Crystal Ross, 5th Grade Teacher,

Wilson Elementary, Colorado Springs, CO


"Ron spoke at all-school assemblies, staff in-service, and a district-wide conference for youth. Both staff and students are drawn into Ron's message of love, passion for life, and each person's ability to make positive changes despite the hardships they've experienced so far. Many of the students in our program for emotionally/behaviorally disordered youth are entering into the same lifestyle Ron chose as a young person, living with violence and fear on a daily basis, and feeling worthless. As they listen intently to Ron's message, it is clear that they believe he understands where they are and what they are coping with every single day of their lives. Through that trust, Ron's message penetrates their souls and gives them hope. Following each presentation, he has been mobbed by students and staff. His message during staff in-service helped staff communicate more effectively with kids as well as each other."

Liz Sheahan, School Social Worker, 287 Intermediate District, MN



What College Students are Saying

"Spoke from the heart...he gave us the truth... Best speaker I've seen on this campus so far."

E. Johnson, Student


"Very energetic and humorous. Learned a lot about how people can change no matter how far they have fallen. Very enjoyable and educational speaker."

C. Plamama, Student


"Very good speaker/not just a lecture. Good issues for people this age because they are going into the real world. Really enjoyed it."

T. Dahl, Student


"...A lot of fire. He spoke because he cared, not just to be heard. Ron should speak at every inner city and every suburban school. He gives realities."

T. Kolpien, Student


"...Problems of our children - they are deeper than we think...can really help me with interactions with other people...really made me think about why things are the way they are and how we can change."

J. Richardson, Student


"He wasn't preaching but talked to us like we were adults. I really liked the speech and saw it again that night and bought the book."

G. Jones, Student



What College Faculty Staff Members are Saying

"Many of my students have expressed to me that they learned so much more from Ron's presentation than from reading any text book on children being 'at-risk' in our schools and society. I would recommend Ron Glodoski as a speaker in any adult learning setting..."

Patti Fochi, MAED, University of Phoenix


"Mr. Glodoski's presentation was of great value to teachers participating in a masters degree program who work daily with students exhibiting issues of self-esteem, gang involvement, and classroom performance problems. A number of students commented they had received information that gave them a different orientation on not only the problems their own students face, but also ideas about how to effectively interact with them."

Dave Funk, Faculty and Administrative Assistance, Aurora University


"Not only was it entertaining, but very educational as well. Your messages were powerful and you had the gift to relate those messages to the students, faculty, staff, and campus community. I have not seen any other speaker interact with students on that level. It was incredible!"

Erika Enk, Student Media and Activities President,

Student Senate Vice President, Ripon College


"After both experiencing and witnessing the powerful effects of Ron's speech, I can say without reservation that the efficacy of it greatly surpassed my already high expectations. During all his talks Ron had the audience attentively hanging on to every work he said. The spirit and truth of Ron's speech was manifested not only in his powerful vocal accord, but also through the tears and personal testimonies that were emotionally evoked during and after his speech."

Joseph Schaefer, Student Coordinator, Ripon College


"It was a pleasure to learn from you throughout the day. Your flexibility and personalized approach to the day were perfect. You were ready to 'fit' with the needs of our students. Thank you, thank you, and thank you for your terrific visit."

Eric Tames, Director of Student Activities and Orientation,

Ripon College


"…Excellent spokesguy…enthusiastic advocate…do intend to use your book in my upper-class courses…"

Jack Christ, Professor and Director of Leadership Studies, Ripon College

Executive Director, Wisconsin Leadership Institute


"He's in the business of saving kids' lives."

Ellen Ferentz, Gateway Technical College, Racine, WI

(saw Ron at St. Francis staff development, school board administrator)