Motivating Unmotivated Students


How to Work with Angry Kids Who Just Don't Care


Working With Angry Kids Who Just Don't Care
Dealing with Social/Emotional/Learning Issues

Program Length: 60-90 minutes


Endorsed by educators, administrators, counselors, social workers,

law enforcement and juvenile justice professionals


Ron Glodoski provides a powerful, practical message of hope, inspiration and encouragement for all professionals who work with youth.


Ron shares his remarkable story of how he turned his life around. With honesty, humor and sincerity he helps his audience see why kids are so angry, and why so many of them have given up…on school, on relationships, and on their hopes and dreams.


Learn How to Connect with Kids Who Feel Alienated


Students experiencing isolation and low self-esteem may be on the brink of making life-altering destructive decisions. Show them how to reclaim their personal power and their right to choose a better life.


Want to know how to create a miracle?


  • Identify the Three Dreamkillers
  • Understand the Seven Steps to Destruction
  • Know the Three Things a Kid Has to Have to be Successful
  • Connect with alienated students on the brink of making life-altering destructive decisions
  • Create a safe and caring learning environment
  • Understand where students anger begins and how to diffuse it
  • Comprehend why students give up on themselves and their future
  • Offer students hope and provide techniques for self-empowerment
  • Demonstrate and model the importance of respecting others – beginning with self-respect
  • Discover how to challenge students to believe in the power of their own lives
  • Show students how to reclaim their personal power and create a better life
  • Teach students that everything in life is a choice, and their future is based on today’s decisions

“Ron Glodoski made me laugh, he made me think, and he inspired me to do better. He genuinely shares a fascinating story that motivates crowds to listen and grow. He is easy to work with, warm-hearted and giving. Very rarely do I meet people so free with their energy and information. Ron’s fun and inspirational spirit makes him an amazing speaker, for both student programs and professionals working with students. I wholeheartedly recommend Ron for schools and conferences, or any organization working with our youth today.


--Benita Whitfield-Shanklin, LCSW, Medical Program Co-Chair

39th Annual Conference Illinois Association of Social Workers

“Ron’s presentation ran the emotional gamut…humbled, saddened and moved to tears. What else can you say?”

--Lisa Gowen, Montana School Boards Association
Montana Conference of Education Leadership

“His approach to teaching at-risk youth is practical but at the same time inspiring. The members walked away with a renewed commitment to help each and every child on a daily basis. After listening to Ron, I don’t think an adult could speak to a child in a belittling manner ever again.”

--Rosella J. Wamser, Ph.D.
Illinois Coalition for Educating At-Risk Youth Conference


“I saw what he a did to a room full of educators and it was spellbinding.”


--Larry Bushing

Wisconsin Educational Association Council Conference

Why settle for an ordinary speaker when you can have extraordinary?


guaranteeAudiences leave Ron Glodoski’s keynote excited, inspired and motivated – with the realization that even the bleakest situation can be turned around.


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