Education Standards Compliance

How Ron's programs comply with Education Goals, Achievement of Standards, Principles of Effectiveness, and Developmental Assets for Healthy Youth.

Department of Public Instruction - Education Goals and Academic Standards

Standard Program or Workshop
Develop thinking and communication processes Choices and Decision Making Workshop
Capacity and motivation for life-long learning Learning Styles Workshop/ Labels Workshop
Physical and emotional wellness Health Realization Workshop
Develop a character Basic Program
Be responsible citizen Basic Program
Prepare for productive work Career Development Workshop
Respect cultural diversity    Learned Behaviors Workshop

Search Institute's 40 Developmental Assets for Healthy Youth

Asset Program or Workshop
Achieve motivation Abuse Issues Workshop/ Basic Program
Reading for pleasure Learning Styles Workshop/ Basic Program
Integrity Choices and Decision Making/ Basic Program
Honesty Basic Program
Responsibility Choices and Decision Making/ Basic Program
Restraint Choices and Decision Making/ Basic Program
Planning and decision-making Choices and Decision Making/ Basic Program
Interpersonal competence Learned Behaviors/ Basic Program
Resistance Skills Choices and Decision Making
Peaceful conflict resolution Anger Management and Conflict Resolution
Personal power Health Realization
Self-esteem Health Realization
Sense of purpose Health Realization, Career Development
Character Counts! The Six Pillars of Character
Trustworthiness Basic Program/Choices and Decision Making
Respect Learned Behaviors/Conflict Resolution
Responsibility Basic Program/Choices and Decision Making
Fairness Learning Styles/Choices and Decisions
Caring Health Realization/Conflict Resolution
Citizenship Basic Program/Learned Behaviors

National Office of Safe and Drug Free Schools - Principles of Effectiveness

Principle Program or Workshop
Nurture and protect their minds, bodies, spirits, and futures Health Realization
Addressing the needs and causes of ATOD use/abuse Abuse Issues/ Basic Program
Change the day-to-day 'norms of experience' Choices and Decision Making, Peer Pressure
Needs and circumstance in their lives Abuse Issues
Positive choices embrace rather than simply reject Choices and Decision Making/ Basic Program


For further information on the above standards, assets, and principles contact the Board of Education for your State, Search Institute, and the National Office of Safe and Drug Free Schools.
Search Institute, 700 S. Third Street, Suite 210, Minneapolis, MN 55415, 800-888-7828